Festival Focus

We seek short, mid- and feature-length documentary films on any area of sustainable development:

  • Sustainable Society
  • Nature and Enviroment
  • Responsible Consumption and Economics
  • New Technologies and Clean Energy 

This year we strongly, but not exclusively,  encourage to submit films on e-mobilty, alternative energy, nature conservation & protection and education for future.

Competition Film Sections

1. Moments

(up to 25 min) Short documentary films

2. Child´s Perspective

(up to 60 min) Documentary films for children, short films preferred

3. Fascinated by Nature

(25 to 60 min) Documentary films showing an immense diversity of nature, strengthening the relationship between humans and the environment

4. Sustainable Society

(25 to 60 min) Documentary films from the areas of sustainable society, education, health, gender issues, communities, social movements, lives of inspiring people, experiments and human values. Films showing a mutual influence of the society and nature, offering solutions and ways towards sustainability.

5. Step Forward: Science, Innovation & Technology

(25 to 60 min) Documentary films bringing new technological and scientific findings and solutions towards sustainability.

6. Well-balanced: Responsible Consumption & Economics

(25 to 60 min) Documentary films about consumption, economic growth, sustainability and corporate responsibility, waste handling, etc.

7. Feature Documentary: Journey of Discovery

(60 min +) Feature documentary films.